Hello everyone! Jamie Payne-Miller and Carmen Fleischauer here - we are Sputtering Glimmer. If you know us, you know we are opposites in just about everything. It enriches our friendship and partnership and we have a good laugh about our differences on a near daily basis.

Carmen is intrigued by horoscopes and convinced Jamie to sign up for the Co-Star astrology app (if you know, you know). The final line of one of the compatibility sections said, “There’s less of a spark between you two, and more of a sputtering glimmer.” After a hearty laugh, we decided this HAD to be the name of our business.

One thing we DO agree on is our love of clay earrings. Thanks to the pandemic, we needed something to do to help stay sane. Clay now occupies our evenings as we work to create earrings we love to wear (and hope you will too!).